ISM graduation 2016

Congratulations to Daphne, Laura, Anna-Sophia, Emily, Igor and Misha!

ISM said goodbye to its class of 2016 in a graduation ceremony on June 24 2016. Head of School Brandie Smith and High School Coordinator Michael Gündert handed over the diplomas to the students.

After speeches by the chairman of the board, Dr. Hubert-Raph Schmitt and ISM alumnus Marcus Braun, there was a special performance waiting for the graduates. Grade 1 students, dressed with “Class of 2027” shirts, had prepared a special goodbye song.

In their speeches, Ms. Smith and Mr. Gündert recognized the achievements of the graduates and wished them good luck for their future. Then they handed over the diplomas to the students.

As a surprise, the teachers had shot a video, where they have rewritten the song “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift (see below). At the end, the students had prepared a little skit, where the teachers had to play each other.

Afterwards, the students celebrated together with their parents and teachers all night long.

Pictures: Claudia Schweiger