Independence and Interaction





Small classes help facilitate individual support
Our students benefit from smaller class sizes and the personalised learning that our teachers can offer.
International study and career opportunities through the PYP, MYP and the IB Diploma
Our motto Ab Schola Ad Mundum literally translates to From the school to the world. At ISM we prepare our students at all levels to continue learning beyond our walls.
Develop independent, critical thinkers
We encourage all of our students to challenge assumptions and evaluate the world around them. Across all Grade levels and subjects, the principles of being a critical thinker are embedded in our lessons.
Full day school from Grades 1 – 12 with a range of extracurricular activities
Our vision for our students is long term and our curriculum caters for each child’s development from the earliest years through to graduation.
Intercultural awareness is fostered
We develop our students’ appreciation for those who bring differences to our classroom.
A strong sense of community
All students become part of the ISM community on their first day when they are placed in a house group with new friends. Our houses are represented by the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air.
Internationally-minded highly motivated teaching staff
Our highly qualified teachers bring experience from all over the world to their classrooms. Not only are our teachers passionate about teaching, but they are also enthusiastic about being lifelong learners.