About us

Welcome to the International School Mainfranken (ISM)

The International School Mainfranken is an international learning community dedicated to providing a quality education for every student, while promoting international appreciation and perspective.  Our learning community is based on the concepts of shared responsibility and respect among staff, teachers, parents, and most importantly the students.

To prepare students for the 21st century, the ISM concentrates on the development of the whole child.  Our curriculum and methodology have been specifically designed to allow students to explore the world around them through inquiry-based learning and instruction.  With a focus on fostering critical thinking skills, subject specific knowledge and understanding, as well as the personal growth of each child, the ISM is the perfect place for forward thinking students to develop into globally minded life-long learners.

The International School Mainfranken is committed to offering a holistic, challenging, internationally minded learning experience that develops the social, creative and intellectual aspects of each student.

Learn more about the IB philosophy in the following video: