How we communicate with each other

Lines of Communication

If you have a question, the first point of communication should always be your student’s homeroom teacher. They will then be able to provide information or organise meetings on your behalf as needed.

ISM Weekly Message

The ISM Weekly Message highlights any general school information, news and upcoming events. It is posted on ManageBac, our academic information system each Monday during the academic year .

3-Way Goal Setting Conferences

Around the end of October we will schedule a 3-way goal setting conference between parents, students, and teachers. At this conference, students will have the opportunity to present the learning goals for the year that they have set for themselves in consultation with their teachers.

Student-Led Portfolio Conferences

Around the end of each semester students will lead a Portfolio Conference with you. During this conference, they will discuss their progress towards the goals they set in October through examples of work which they select.

Teacher/Student/Parent Conferences

At any time, students, teachers or parents can request a conference to discuss any outstanding issues either in general or regarding a specific subject.

Semester Report Cards

At the end of each semester, we publish report cards through ManageBac and in hard copy that provide an overview of student academic development.

Print/Email/Telephone Communication

For particular events or occasions, or when there is a need to communicate quickly with a group of families, we will contact you via email or send a printed note home with your student.

ISM School Calendars

ISM School Times

School starts at 8:15
School ends at 15:45 (14:00 on Friday)

ISM School Fees


ManageBac is our school management system where you will find most information about your students. When you log in, you can see details of their classes and the units they are currently working on, any upcoming deadlines, assessments, and a record of their attendance and any records of behaviour, be it positive or negative.

Destiny Catalogue

Discover our library resources in our online catalogue.

Dress for School is the official ISM school uniform supplier. Please visit their website  for further details and to order your uniform.

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