Here is Mrs. Leo’s report on the University Application Workshop for our grade 12 students:
On Monday, 12th October, ISM hosted a combined workshop with the Regiomontanus-Gymnasium Haßfurt regarding the preparation for further studies. It covered the following bullet points:
  • Applying for universities in the United Kingdom via UCAS (University and College Application System) – when, how and where to apply for which courses
  • Aspects to consider regarding personal finances when studying in the UK (cost of living in inner London versus the rest of the UK; tuition fees for non-EU-students versus EU-students; scholarship options)
  • Dual Studies (Business, IT, Engineering) in Germany – its system and advantages
  • Interview techniques – what to do or not to do in a job interview (or interview for a place of study)
Please note that the option of studying at a university in the United Kingdom is also open to those IB students not meeting the requirements of the German Abitur (by i.e. taking Math Studies instead of SL). This even applies for prestigious universities like Oxford University or Cambridge University.