“Study Skills” workshop for students in grades 10 and 11

ISM High School students of grades 10 and 11 had the opportunity to participate in a “Study Skills” workshop. Ms. Emily Wilkes from Lanterna Education showed the students how to manage their time more efficiently and stay focused during studying. Our guest speaker graduated from a renowned IB school in England with the maximum score of 45 points and afterwards studied and graduated at Oxford, so the students received real first-hand information. In her 30 minute presentation, Ms. Wilkes introduced different strategies and methods how to study effectively, with a special focus on the potential of the smartphone as a tool to facilitate learning.

In the subsequent question-and-answer session, the students bombarded Ms. Wilkes with questions on her experiences in the IB Diploma. This workshop was a great opportunity for the ISM High School students to learn more about how to become successful in the IB Diploma Programme.