On February 25 7th and 8th grade and on March 15 6th grade went on a Science field trip to the “Wissenswerkstatt” in Schweinfurt.

In the „Wissenswerkstatt“ the emphasis is on doing it yourself.

On the 500 m² premises they offer a shop with wood- and metalwork machines, computers as well as physical, electrical and control technology. Children and teenagers can experience and understand technological phenomena through exciting experiments they conduct themselves. Additionally the new knowledge is applied through hands on crafting of realistic products.

Source: https://www.wiwe-sw.de/technik-erleben.html

The 7th and 8th grade students had already learned about sound and magnetism in Physics class. Electricity and electric circuits as well as creating some circuits were topics in 8th grade Physics class. On this field trip they extended their knowledge about sound, electromagnets and electricity and built some advanced electric circuits.

The project was to build a speaker in a can that they can plug into their phones or computers to listen to music. The students also learned how to connect parts and wires by soldering them.

The 6th grade students extended their knowledge in Physics about air and forces – especially friction – and built their own hovercraft. The students had to cut out the styrofoam parts for the boat with a cutter and the wooden parts with a saw. Then they had to install the motor and connect the control unit to the plug with wires. In the end the students could test their hovercrafts and eventually all worked.