CAS trip Prague Aug 28th – Sep 01st 2017

After our exciting Prague experience two years ago, we were surprised, how this trip even topped the previous one. Billeted in a very unique hostel, close to Charles Square in downtown Prague we started after a rich breakfast to our daily adventures.

All CAS strands were experienced; so we braved white-water rafting, archery and curling for Activity, mastered Creative challenges in street art and design, and cooked a whole menu for about 70 people in a homeless shelter as a service to our host city. We saw Prague through the eyes of our Australian guide on a city tour, of a native guide on an alternative tour through post communist Prague’s graffiti and art scene, and of a former homeless musician visiting stations of his life.

The cuisine we enjoyed ranged from typical Czech to genuine Italian and Chinese, and also included our own home cooked meal and savory pies prepared by our guide’s pie street food company.

Many new unique experiences, a lot of laughter and good camaraderie made this trip enriching and memorable. More pictures and eyewitness reports at the ” Back to School BBQ” Sep 9th at 12:30.