ISM Summer Camp 2016

In this year’s summer camp, we will focus on the ways people impact the environment around them, both positively and negatively.  

Understanding natural processes in English will be the central aim for children who attend the camp, with many fun-filled activities to keep them engaged in the language.  Our goal is to help students who partake in this program to activate the English they already know and to challenge them with new concepts and vocabulary.  

We will center this year’s program around Mother Nature, so there will be many opportunities for learners to be outside, engaging with the world around them.  For smaller learners, Mother Nature will be explored with activities that encourage them to identify the world around them.  We will focus mostly on local environments, such as the gardens, farms and forests from the surrounding areas.  

For older learners, we will expand our understanding for local processes to look at and explore the international scene, with research activities and projects that encourage learners to gain a deeper understanding for the processes that govern our economy and our lives.  

With the motto “Act local, think global,” in mind, learners will be challenged to use the English they already know in new and fun ways.  So what are you waiting for?

More information and the application form can be found here: