ISM Spring Concert 2017

ISM welcomed spring with open arms, music, dance and so much more! Students from all grades came together with their teachers and put on a lovely show.

(April 1st, 2017)

This year’s theme of the Spring Concert was growth. Some of the songs performed were even self-written music by both staff members and students alike, with topics varying from a little girl growing up to one about first love … and first heartbreak (Pretty Little Girl by C. Stefa, My Lesson by N. Tagne & My Lady of Troy by N. Tagne). The concert was rounded up by a stunning and oh so adorable surprise performance from the Girls-Choir “Junge Stimmen” from Schweinfurt.

The theme of growth really shined through and reminded everyone that no matter how old you are there’s always room for growth! … without growing, everyone would just stay the same forever… So don’t stop growing!

We would like to thank everyone that came and hope to see you again next time!

More pictures can be found on the ISM Facebook page:

Helen Cazimero und Jasmine Köllner