ISM Spirit Week reached its climax with 2 epic students vs. teacher games

In the past 5 days ISM saw a lot of special events during our annual ISM spirit week. In order to boost the ISM school spirit, the students and teachers have been very creative to come up with a variety of special events.

On Monday we had the Kick-Off Celebration, where the 4 houses presented their shows and cheers. The teachers were particularly creative, putting together a show that featured dances, songs and plays.

The trip to the Nuremberg Zoo was another highlight of Spirit Week on Tuesday.

Whacky Wednesday brought us very many creative costumes.

On Twin Thursday each Elementary School student was paired up with a twin and enjoyed having lunch and playing with a Middle or High School student.

And finally Friday featured the “Battle of the Titans”! After being defeated for 2 consecutive years, the students wanted to take revenge in the legendary students vs. teachers game. After playing football and handball it was benchball (a variety of basketball) this time. And after another epic game, the teachers were able to secure a 12-9 victory and took home the trophy for the third year in a row.

The Elementary School students however defeated the teachers with 1:0 in a very enthusiastic football game.

Thanks to all students and teachers who made this week a great success for ISM!