“I like my school because I learn many things in ISM and I have the best learning teacher in the world.” Jasmin (Grade 3)

“The guest speaker from Globe Business College Munich presented the different options for studying business in Munich and Dublin. I think it was interesting because studying at two different places gives an exposure to a greater variety of students. Also, it was interesting that you can work with not just lecturers and professors but with real business men, too.” and “I like learning at the ISM, because it is like a family. Everyone knows each other and the teachers know every students strengths and weaknesses to help them. Moreover, I love the cultural diversity at my school!” Akshita (Grade 11)

“I like the ISM, because the teachers can focus on and help every student individually. I also have learned a lot about other cultures and countries because of the diverse ethnicity in the school.” (Dante, grade 10)

“I like ISM because we go swimming and the teachers are nice. I like ISM because we have art. I like ISM because we have sport, music, swimming, German, Math, Unit of Inquiry, Literature Circle.” (Abigaelle, grade 3)

“I like the ISM as a school because I am able to see and communicate with people from all over the world. I am able to learn from new cultures. The relationships between the students and teacher is much better than in normal schools, we are able to have real conversations.” (Thomas, grade 11)

“I like the ISM, because the teachers help you if you have problems in a unit, even if they have to spend extra time.” (Laura, grade 12)

“I like the ISM because we have such a cool history teacher!” (Misha, grade 12)

“I like the ISM, because of the small classes. It is a complete different feeling than if we would be 20 or 30 people. This makes it much more personal and better to study.” (Daphne, grade 12)

“I have taught upper elementary classes at ISM the past two years. The children who have attended this school have received more individual attention than I was ever able to provide students in school with large classroom enrollments. My classes have been respectful and have good work habits. I would have loved such an environment for my own children when they were young.
As a teacher, I have found fantastic collegiality and administrative support. It makes my job less isolated. The parents have been supportive and interested in their children’s progress.
I have spent my career in education, and I would encourage parents and teachers to consider this school.” (Dr. Carolyn, teacher)