Message from the Board

Dear Parents,
Dear Students,

As the chairman of the board of the International School Mainfranken
I would like to welcome you.

The International School Mainfranken is a private school which was founded in 2006 by a group of engaged parents of this region. It is a fact that globalization is not passing by our region, therefore the necessity of a different type of school which would meet the needs of this day and age became obvious.

It is the goal of the ISM to meet all aspects of the various needs of children and to offer learning activities which are comprehensive and appropriate for each individual student. The ISM is a school which lays strong emphasis on providing quality education.

The basic principle of the ISM consists of the appreciation of different cultures and the respect towards other nationalities as well as values like tolerance and understanding for one another. At the ISM these values will be nurtured and supported throughout the educational process of the students starting at grade 1 up to their graduation.

Students at the ISM will be well prepared for a globalized world. They shall be able to live and work in any place of the world, developing their potentials wherever they might live. Moreover, the ISM meets the needs of those families who are global players and change their places of living throughout the world due to their professional situation.

The International School Mainfranken is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. There are approximately 1,800 international schools which are following the same curriculum throughout the world which guarantees that the quality of the lessons meet high standards and that students who have to change schools will be able to change from one international school to another, even in the middle of the school year, without problems or quality loss of their academic education.

The ISM is not a bilingual school, it is an international school. The language both of instruction and of general conversation is English.
The school community of the ISM consists of 19 different nationalities and therefore provides the chance to encounter and get familiar with cultural differences. The staff members have different nationalities as well.

The concept of the ISM, the strong school community, and the profound academic education will offer the opportunity to a new generation getting prepared for the challenges of a great future in our dynamic world.

The members of the board as well as the teaching staff at the International School Mainfranken appreciate your interest in our school.

Dr. Hubert-Ralph Schmitt