Admissions Procedure

1. Complete ISM application form.

2. Review of student’s academic records including report cards from the previous two years.

3. Initial interview with ISM administration, prospective parents, and student(s).

4. The prospective student(s) will participate in trial day(s) at the ISM.  This may include internal evaluation by the ISM administration and/or teachers.

a. In consultation with the ISM administration and the prospective families, additional trial days may be required to determine if enrollment in the ISM is beneficial for the ISM and the student.

b. After the designated trial day(s), teachers and ISM administration will discuss the appropriateness of enrolling the student at the ISM.

c. The ISM Head of School will make the final decision to accept or decline the application and enrollment of the student in the ISM.

5. ISM enrollments contracts must be completed and signed, along with all other associated paperwork.

Application Documents

pdf Application Form ISM