The International School Mainfranken e.V. (ISM) has welcomed its 100th student!

Ryan has been attending Grade 1 at the International School Mainfranken since early February, 2019. After three Discovery Days the family, who are locals in Schweinfurt, decided to give Ryan an international education.

“Apart from the international teaching in English, it was above all the interactions between the students and teachers that convinced us to send Ryan to ISM,” said Ryan’s mother, Jessica.

According to Head of School Michael Gündert, switching from a German school to International School Mainfranken is not a problem: “Especially in elementary school, students absorb the new language incredibly quickly. When Ryan came to our Discovery Days in December, his classmates, who have been at our school since August, were already able to help translate for him. It becomes more difficult in the higher classes, but after a placement test, our students are then very specifically and individually promoted to bring them to the appropriate level as quickly as possible. “

In addition to Ryan, fourteen other students have switched to ISM since the beginning of the school year, partly from German schools but also from abroad. “This year we have new students from Korea and China, whose parents moved to Schweinfurt for professional reasons. For internationally mobile specialists and executives, an international school providing quality education was an important factor in their decision to move.” explains Mr. Gündert.

The new Head of School is pleased about the positive direction the school is taking. Since the beginning of the school year, his school has grown to 100 students. And that should not be the end. “Over the next three to five years, we’re targeting a student population of about 150-180 students in grades 1-12.”