Field trip to Rothenburg, June 8th 2016

Last week the 7th grade spent a day in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber as part of a combined unit of study in English, Social Studies, and German.  Students visited the famous Medieval Crime and Justice Museum, and the Imperial Town Museum in order to learn more about the lives of individuals from various backgrounds during the Middle Ages.  

Mrs. Breckler led students on a scavenger hunt through the “Crime and Justice Museum” and pointed out sources of information that students could use to supplement ongoing projects in their classes.  

In the “Old Rothenburg Craftsman’s House”, built at the end of the 13th century, the students found an unaltered house, lovingly furnished with authentic exhibits, experiencing life in the Middle Ages.

The wonderful people at the “Imperial Town Museum” let us handle ancient weapons (that are usually kept securely behind the glass) and led us on an engaging tour of the cloister, full of personal histories and interesting anecdotes.  Along with accessing valuable primary source documents and artifacts on display, students were able to churn their own butter and prepare a truly authentic medieval meal in the centuries-old  kitchen, followed by some sword fighting.

You can book your own trip to these wonderful places using the information provided on the links below:

Medieval Crime and Justice Museum/Kriminalmuseum

Imperial Town Museum/Reichsstadtmuseum

Old Rothenburg Craftsman’s House/Handwerkerhaus