Great student work in music

Grades 8 & 9 had to compose their own songs, based on the chord progression theory they’d been working on with me. Grade 8 had to use JamStudio loops to write any song that could fall under the category of ‘protest’ (or persuade/tell the other side of the story/defend/shed light on). Grade 9 had to write and record songs from scratch based on the idea of a significant ‘event’ or day: it could be anything from a holiday or wedding to the day the divorce came through or someone is getting out of jail.

Interestingly and coincidentally, two of the stronger compositions from both grades focussed on the challenges of being young and lgbt—both are written about acquaintances of the writers. As an ‘event’, in This Is Who I Am Angelika, Reka and Stefan focussed on the day a student leaves home because they’re tired of not being accepted by parents for who they are. With His Romeo, Helena wrote an equally intriguing song about a boy terrified to come out about it despite his clear disposition that way. I then helped them to record the various parts and mixed down the vocals and mix. Both groups should be very proud of their excellent work and effort.

Other great song efforts included those by Michael & Jordan (satirising Trump); by Ela and Nathalie (against terrorism by ISIS); by Sophie (against ocean pollution); and by Timothy and Lukas (comparing the event of beating a video game to succeeding in life). Well done!

Scott Withers