The ISM is committed to the development and learning of language throughout our entire school.  We believe language is at the heart of understanding and this belief is central to our curriculum and instruction.  The ISM places an emphasis on the fact that all of our teachers are language teachers first and foremost, regardless of the specific subject being taught.

Consequently, we provide as many opportunities as possible for our students to use language within the context of the curriculum, and in daily interactions with students, teachers, community members, and parents.  We appreciate and support the diversity of language within our school and the world as a whole, and promote the concept that although languages may differ in terms of culture and localities, they can lead to greater acceptance of both.

With the aim of promoting international mindedness and appreciation, the ISM seeks to promote the development of all languages.

English Language Program

The language of instruction at the ISM is English.  Upon enrollment in the ISM, students are supported in their development of the English language in a variety of ways.  In the primary and secondary levels, specific English-language benchmarks are identified, which promote high expectations and standards for all students.  English language instruction is differentiated to meet the individual differences and learning styles of each student. All of our English language instruction is centered on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

In grades 1-5, our curriculum is based on the U.S. Common Core Standards.  In the middle grades of 6-8, our benchmarks follow a combination of Cambridge Checkpoint and the U.S. Common Core.  In grades 9-12 our English program follows the (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) IGCSE, U.S. Common Core, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme standards.  In IB DP level, English is offered as both a Group 1 and Group 2 subject.

English Language Learner Program

As the language of instruction at the ISM is English, the ISM provides additional support to those students who lack sufficient basic English knowledge.  The English Language Learner Program (ELL) is designed to support students develop the skills necessary for full participation in the mainstream classroom as quickly as possible.

Entrance into the ELL program is determined by the input of teachers, students, parents, and ISM administration.  Support for students in the ELL program is individualized based on specific needs and includes one-on-one, small group, and in class support. Students will be released from the ELL program based on a collaborative decision among the aforementioned parties with reference to language criteria.


German Language Program

The ISM offers German as a language of study in all grade levels.  In the primary, middle, and upper grades, German language skills are promoted in the development of skills and knowledge in addition to exposure to German culture.  The language of instruction in German class is German and parents are encouraged to support German language development at home. Our German Language Program is modelled upon the Bavarian State Standards for Realschule and Gymnasium up to Grade 10. In the IB Diploma Programme it follows the International Baccalaureate Standards for Language A and Language B courses.

German Language Learners Program

The ISM believes it is essential for our international students to be able to interact with the German community. Learning the language of the host country allows students to develop international-mindedness. The GLL program is designed to assist German language learners develop the language skills necessary to effectively communicate in a variety of situations.


Mother Tongue Language Program

The mother tongue is defined as the language that the child considers to be their strongest or preferred language.  It is the language in which the child has developed the concepts and an understanding of the world, and will refer to in order to increase that conceptual understanding.  Mother tongue language development is an integral part of the learning process, and the ISM believes that supporting continued mother-tongue language development helps create a well-balanced, confident student.

The ISM understands that mother-tongue language growth helps facilitate greater understanding and comprehension across cultures. The ISM encourages families to participate in the continued development of the mother-tongue language at home by speaking with their children in their mother tongue.  We also request that families provide additional materials at home in their mother tongue which are relevant to the educational program being provided at school.

Students at the IB Diploma Programme level will have the option of participating in school supported self-taught language classes offered by the IB.

Spanish Language Program

A Spanish language program is offered to students in grades 6-10 at the ISM and at the IB DP level, Spanish is taught as a school supported self-taught language course. The language of instruction is Spanish and the course follows the Cambridge Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 (IGCSE) curricula modelled around the International Baccalaureate standards for Language Acquisition courses.